WhatsApp Update New Amazing Features

By | May 23, 2020
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In order to improve the user experience, the company continues to release new pictures on its ios and Android platforms, through Facebook’s proprietary instant messaging app, you can also make video calls with your friends and family, WhatsApp has many times in the past The app has released updates, with these updates, many new features have come in the phone, which are quite useful.

WhatsApp Update New Amazing Features

WhatsApp Forward Limit: To deal with fake news and misinformation, WhatsApp has increased the limit for forwarding messages to anyone. The company says that with the new limit, the amount of messages forwarded on WhatsApp worldwide decreased by 70% Let’s say that earlier a message could be forwarded to 5 users, but now this limit has been reduced to 1.

WhatsApp group call limit increased: Now you can add up to 8 users in any group audio or video call on WhatsApp, let us know that earlier in group calls, only 4 members could be added to WhatsApp but still WhatsApp No, the number of users has been increased to double.

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WhatsApp Locking Feature: This feature of WhatsApp was being specially demanded recently, Android App in WhatsApp and WhatsApp in it, through which users can play their chat

Call Waiting Support: If you are talking on a call to someone else, in such a situation, you can receive the call on WhatsApp, before that users did not have the option to accept the call, even when the user was talking on the phone Did not even know whose call was coming.

Let me tell you, Facebook launched its Messenger Rooms last month, in which more than 50 users can be part of the video calling session, whether they have a Facebook account or not. A few days later, the news of integration of Facebook Messenger Room was revealed on the beta version of the WhatsApp Android app.