What Is Nepotism ? What Is the meaning of Nepotism

By | June 25, 2021
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What Is Nepotism ? What is the meaning of Nepotism – For the last one or two years, the word Nepotism is being heard a lot on social media and news channels in India. And ever since Bollywood actor Sushant Rajput committed suicide, the word nepotism is being discussed all around. In such a situation, not only in our mind but in the mind of many people there is only one question that what is nepotism after all. And what does nepotism mean?

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If you also want to know what is Nepotism. And what is the meaning of nepotism, then you must read this article till the end. Because we are going to tell you in detail all the information related to nepotism through this article. After reading this article till the end, you will understand very easily what is Nepotism?

Meaning Of Nepotism

You must have heard the word ‘nepotism’ in the last few years. What is Nepotism? Today we will tell you in this article. So read this article completely. Nepotism has been running in India since time immemorial, but was not so popular at that time. Rather it was known as ‘Varna’ at that time.

There are mainly four types of characters-

  1. brahmin
  2. Kshatriya
  3. Vaishya
  4. Shudra

In the olden times there was such a varna system that under this the son of a brahmin was a brahmin, the son of a kshatriya was a kshatriya, a warrior and a merchant’s son a merchant, and a shudra’s son did the work of a shudra. In ancient times, people used to transfer that work to their generation, at that time there was such a varna system that a man of one varna could not do the work of another varna. But now there is no such tradition at present, now it is over.

What Is Nepotism? What Does This Mean

If we mean nepotism, then it means nepotism, favor of your relatives, favoritism, quarrel, we want to make you clear through an example that like if any of your relative is in a high position in a big company if those companies are new in the factory. If there is a need for employees, then they call their relatives in it first, in which they take advantage of their position, hence it is called Nepotism. Whether the relative is able to work in the company or factory or not.

Nepotism In Bollywood

If we talk about nepotism in the Bollywood sector, then it is also seen the most because Bollywood big stars give roles to their sons in films whether they are eligible to work in it or not. They don’t even have the skills to do that work. So outsiders don’t even come to Bollywood and their number is very less.

This issue of nepotism has come to the fore more after the murder of Sushant Singh Rajput because the talented man does not get a chance in it.

Nepotism In Politics

Nepotism can be seen the most in the political field too. There are many such parties in India, in which only their family members rule, where they occupy high positions. After Motilal Nehru, his family has ruled the Congress party since independence.

Disadvantages Of Nepotism

If we look at the advantages and disadvantages in nepotism, then there is nothing in it, there is only loss in it. Just as the capable and talented person does not get the opportunity, it prevents the talented people from coming forward, due to nepotism, they become capable, due to this, a sense of inequality is created in the society. If Nepotism is called, then it is a stigma in the country of India. Because in this, neither the society nor the individuals develop because of it.

You learned about nepotism in this article, how nepotism is running like a tradition in India since ancient times. Whereas it should not happen that we should eliminate it completely so that talented and deserving people can get a chance to move forward and contribute to the betterment of the society.


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