What Is MineApp? How To Download MineApp APK File ?

By | July 15, 2021
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What Is MineApp? How To Download MineApp APK File ? – In today’s time many people use social media. Currently, Indian app developing companies are also launching different types of social media applications, which are being liked a lot. 3 years ago MineApp social media application was launched in India which is used by more than 100000 people. You can also earn through this app because this application also gives some part of its earnings to the users. In this article we will tell you what is MineApp? How to Download MineApp APK?

In today’s time, many social media applications have been launched but no such application has been launched through which you can earn money. But MineApp gives you the facility to connect with people as well as earn. Although very few people know about this application, but those who use it, they like it very much. Now we will tell you what is MineApp?

What Is MineApp?

MineApp is an Indian social app. This is the first such social app in India, in which other features like Thinking Pattern, Popular Posts and Verified Accounts have been given. This app provides a better way to compare and connect with others across India on Thinking Pattetn.

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You can follow people of your choice from any corner of India. MineApp is one such social app from India that gives you a new way to share status, photos and posts. Not only this, this app also gives some percentage of its earnings to its users. That is, you can also earn money using this app.

MineApp Categories

Popular posts in MineApp have been placed according to different categories, so you can filter it according to your own and see popular posts. The categories given in this app are as follows:
• Selfie
• Best Clicks/Videos
• Funny
• Romantic
• Motivational
• Informative
• Devotional
• Fashion & Lifestyle
• Emotional
• Patriotic
• Sports
• Skilled
• Politics
• Foodie
• Shocking
• Health
• Other

How To Earn Money Through MineApp?

If you want to earn money through MineApp, then for this you have to follow the process mentioned below. After that you can earn money from this application in a month.

• Post/Selfie/Click Of The Month Selection In What’s New Section
• Share MineApp With Friends
• Post/Selfie/Click Of The Week Selection In What’s New Section
• Trending Post/Selfie/Click Selection In What’s New Section
• More Than 200/500/750/1000 Post Likes
• Selection In What’s New Section
• Selection In Trending Videos
• Selection In Popular Posts
• Suggested Question Approved

How To Download MineApp?

• If you want to download MineApp, click on the link given below.
• Click Here To Download MineApp
• First of all download MineApp APK by clicking on this link.
• After this, go to the Settings of your phone and click on the Security Settings option.
• In this option, enable its toggle by clicking on Allow Unknown Sources.
• After enabling it, go back to the download folder and click on the MineApp APK file to install it.
• After installing MineApp, you can use it and through this you can earn some money in a month and also remove your pocket money.