How To Write SEO Friendly Blog Post?

By | June 28, 2021
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How To Write SEO Friendly Blog Post? – Before SEO friendly blog post, we need to know here what is SEO? So I will tell you that SEO means – Search Engine Optimization. SEO is used so that a blogger optimizes his website or blog in such a way that his website or blog can rank well on google, and get free traffic.

If you also want to bring organic traffic to your blog or website. So for this, it is very important for you to write SEO friendly articles on your blog or website. If you write SEO friendly articles for your blog or website, then the chances of your article getting ranked in Google’s search engine increases a lot. So today we are going to tell you through this article how to write SEO friendly article for your blog or website.

How To Write SEO Friendly Blog Post?

Attractive Title

First of all, by doing keyword research, place that keyword in the title of your blog post.

And you have to write an attractive title for it so that visitors will see and visit your title. For example, if you want to write about mobile phones, then you can write attractive titles like top 2, top 1, top 9 etc. This will make your title look different and visitors will click on it to check.

Post Content

You have to be very careful while writing the content because the content itself plays an important role in the post. The content should be in such a simple, easy and simple language that the visitor can easily read it, understand if you write anything contrary to the title, then the visitors will not understand it and leave it. Due to which rank can also be down in Google, you will be able to bold the keyword which is in the content of the article, so that Google will know on which topic it is.

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This will reduce your bounce rate and increase your rank in Google. Therefore, write the content article in simple language so that the visitor can understand well. First collect information about the topic on which you take the content, when you are done giving the information, then start writing your content.

Add Photo Or Video

It is necessary to add at least one image to the topic on which you are writing the article, and it is necessary to optimize it in SEO. You can also add more than one image if necessary, it is necessary to automate the number of images you put in the article. If your bounce rate is low then your article ranks well in Google.

If you are a blogger then you have to take special care of heading and sub heading, it is necessary for SEO.

Adding headings and sub-headings in the article makes it easy for the visitor to read, so that he can understand well. Take special care of these things while writing the content.

Add Internal Linking

It is very important for you to do internal linking on your content. Internal linking is a keyword on which you have already written an article. For this, it is necessary to put a link to the old internal article, first add it above. Because of which the CEO performs well at Google.

Add External Linking

External linking is similar to internal linking. Just a slight change in this is that instead of the link of your article, you should put a link to another website in your website. With this, SEO can understand the article well. In this way you can write friendly article.


Friends, I hope you have understood this article well. If you have any further questions, do let us know in the comments below. We will try to answer you.