How To Reset Our Mobile Phone ?

By | September 5, 2020
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How To Reset Our Mobile Phone ? – Hello friends how are you?  I hope you all will fine . Today i am going to give you a very useful information,  in today’s article i will tell you that how can do hard reset your smartphone? Friends if you want to reset your smartphone so please read article till last carefully, Today I will tell you the three methods to hard reset smartphone.

Reset Our Mobile Phone ? To reset a smart phone or format a smart phone both are same thing, Friends  it cannot be said that resetting a smart phone is right or wrong, but sometimes we get such a situation in front of people so we have to reset smart phones,

If you also want to hard reset your smartphone, then you have come to the right article today because today here we will tell you three ways by which you can format your smartphone very easily, If you want to know how to reset our phone so read the article carefully.

Benefits Of Reset A Phone.

Friends there were many benefits of reset a phone if you to reset your phone so you get many advantage like this-

If you have forgotten the pattern lock of your phone and you cannot remember then you can open your pattern lock by format the phone.

If lot of junk files have been stored in your mobile phone, then you can also periodically delete the phone by formatting them 

There are many people who save their passwords in their phones, all your login passwords are automatically saves your phone, which increases the risk of your phone’s hacking. You can remove all passwords by formatting the phone.

If you are troubled by the pop ups ads coming in the phone, you can still close the ad by formatting the phone

The Harms Of Hard Reset – 

If the benefits of hard reset so the harm of hard reset also, there are some harms of hard reset given below- 

Hard reset will delete all those applications from your phone which you have downloaded.

Hard reset will delete all the contact numbers you have saved in your smartphone.

How To Hard Reset Our Phone ? 

Now i am going to tell you three methods of hard reset any phone.

1- From phone setting

If youou want to reset your smartphone from phone settings so you have to follow all steps which given below.

first of all you have to go on your mobile phones setting option.

Now you have to click on reset option.

Now you have to click on erase everything option.

Now enter your pattern lock.

After that your phone will be reset successfully .

2-From mobile key

if you want to format your smartphone by using mobile ki option so you have to follow all steps which given below

First of all you have to do turn switch off of your phon.

Now press on volume down button+ Lock button .

you have to press both buttons at least 10 seconds after 10 seconds you will see erase everything option and you have to click on format option. 

Format your phone by using featured phone reset.

Friends if you use a separate company’s smartphone like Samsung Nokia,  this company provides you are code number for reset your phone . for example if you are a Samsung user so you have to  dial *2787*3855# , your phone will be successful  reset 

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So friends this article is ends here , In today’s article i told you about phone reset system.  I also give you three methods for reset. If you have any query so please comment us.  thank you