How To Remove Water Mark Of Power director Application?

By | May 17, 2021
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How To Remove Water Mark Of Power director Application? Today, in this article, we are going to give you information on a very interesting topic. Today we are going to tell you how to remove the water mark of Power Director Application? If you want to remove the water mark of the power director, then read the article completely till the last. We will tell you some easy steps that you can remove by following the power director’s water mark.

All of you must have heard about Power Director Application, I am Hundred Percent Sure. Many of you will be using Power Director. Whenever it comes to some of the most powerful and reliable video editing applications, the first of these names is named Power Director Application. Power Director Application is one of the few applications that gives you a great video editing facility.

If seen in every case then there is no addition of Power Director Application but the Power Director Application is defeated in one place. With Power Director Application we do a good video editing but later when we download it a water mark is created on it. Seeing this water mark, anyone will understand that this video has been edited by the power director.

If you share this water mark video somewhere, it will not look professional at all and all your hard work will be wasted. However, through the Power Director Application, we are given a premium feature that we can remove the water mark. But friends, if you buy the premium version of Power Director Application, then you will have to pay a lot of money for this.

If you want to remove the power director’s water mark without buying the premium version, now you don’t have to worry, today we are going to tell you a great short trick that you can do this impossible task.

What Is Power Director Application?

Before we tell you the process of removing the PowerDirector watermark, you should know what is Power Director Application? Usually everyone knows about the power director, but if you do not know, then tell me for your information. 

It is the most popular video editing application in the world. Powerdirector was only available for computers and laptops only a few years ago, but given its popularity, an Android version of PowerDirector has also been launched. This is called Power Director Application.

PowerDirector is a Taiwanese application that is used for high quality video editing. All the YouTubers or professional video editors are doing video editing only by the power director.

You can guess the popularity of Powerdirector application by the fact that more than 50 million people have downloaded and are using this application from the Google Play Store so far. PowerDirector has been given a good rating in the Google Play Store.

For your convenience, both free and premium versions of PowerDirector are available on Google Play Store. If you have a good budget and you want to do high profile editing, then the premium version will be good for you. The premium version does not even have a water mark. But if you want to do normal editing then you can also use the free version.

How To Remove Water Mark In Powerdirector Application ?

If you have a free version of the PowerDirector but you want to remove the water mark then you no longer need to take tension. Below we are telling you some easy steps. By following these easy steps, you can remove the water mark of Power Director Application.

First of all open the Google Chrome browser on your phone.

In google chrome browser you have to write powerdirector mod APK. This is the mode version of the Power Director Application.

Now you have to click on the search button next to it.

Now you can see that on your mobile screen, a lot of links similar to Power Director Application will open. Here first you have to click on the website link.

Now you have entered the official website of Power Director Application. As soon as you reach the home screen, you will see a lot of options.

You have to scroll down a little bit. When you see below you will see the Power Director Application logo. Just below this, you will find a download button. You have to click on this download button.

Now the downloading of the power director application in your phone will start.

In a while, a file of the power director application will be downloaded in your file manager.

Now you have to back it up. Now you have to go to the settings of your phone.

In the Settings option, you will see a download option. You have to click on the download option.

Here you can see Disable will be written in front of Unknown Source. You have to enable it.

Now go to your file manager and open the file you downloaded.

You will get an install button. You can download the PowerDirector Mode application by clicking on the install button.

Friends, now the cracked version of Power Director has been downloaded in your phone. In this version you will get all the features that you get in a premium version.

Now you can do your video editing with the help of this version. After the video is edited, when you download it, you will see that the water mark will be removed.



You can remove the water mark of Power Director Application by following the easy steps mentioned above. Today we told you what is Power Director Application? How to remove the water mark of Power Director Application? Hope you like this information. If you liked this information, then share it with your friends. Thank you very much for reading the article till the last.