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Tips to Use MSCONFIG in Windows

One of my favorite tools that have been around since Windows 98 is MSCONFIG. It basically stands for Microsoft System Configuration and is obviously used to configure various settings. The tool is pretty much the same from Windows Vista and higher, with only a minor change in Windows 8. In this article, I’ll show you… Read More »

Use Advanced Search on Twitter

Twitter is very generous with the number of search operators that it supports. In this article, let’s go over Twitter’s many different search operators. These operators allow us to dig down and search through videos, images, retweets, lists, and much more. However, most of us aren’t taking advantage of these and are only performing simple… Read More »

Send Text Message From a Computer

Looking for a way to text from a computer? Text messaging has become one of the most popular ways to carry on conversations in our world today. it’s usually free, typing is easier and faster, and best of all, you can look busy when you’re not then it’s really easy to do from both an… Read More »