Amazon Launches miniTV, Watch Free Many Popular Videos

By | May 27, 2021
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Amazon Launches miniTV, Watch Free Many Popular Videos – Amazon App has won a lot of trust of Users Shopping in the Indian market in the last few years. Amazon Online Shopping App and Amazon Prime Video are the most talked about in India. Amazon Online Shopping App allows customers to do online shopping, same Amazon Prime Video provides viewers to watch web series and movies. 

Recently Amazon has launched a new service called miniTV. In this app you can see many content including Comedy Shows, Tech, Food, Faishon and Beauty. The best part is that there is no charge to use this service.

You do not need to download any separate app to watch the content present in Amazon miniTV. Rather, you can watch miniTV in the Amazon Online Shopping App itself. Launching this service, Amazon said that now you will be able to watch free entertainment videos along with shopping on Shopping App.

In India, earlier Amazon launched Amazon Prime Video App to watch videos, which had the facility to watch web series movies, award shows etc. in nine Indian languages ​​including Hindi English Tamil Telugu Malayalam. But had to pay for the subscription of Amazon Prime Video. In this application you could not watch any video in Free.

What Is Difference Between Amzon Prime Video And miniTV?

However, Amazon Prime Video and Amazon miniTV are both different types of service. Where Amazon Prime Video had to take subscription to watch the video, the same miniTV does not require any subscription to watch the video. Also, a separate App had to be downloaded for Amazon Prime Video whereas for MiniTV no separate App has to be downloaded. You can see it only in the Amazon Online Shopping App.

What Kind Of Video Content Will Appear In Amzon miniTV?

Amazon has partnered with several big YouTube channels for big comedians for miniTV. In miniTV, you will get to see many big YouTube channels and popular YouTube videos like Ashish Chanchalani, Amit Bhadana, Round2Hell, Harsh Beniwal, TVF, Shruti Arjun Anand, Prajakta Koli, Swagger Sharma, Akash Gupta, Pocket Aces. Watch videos related to fashion and beauty are available in miniTV.

For your information, let us know that Amazon miniTV has partnered with YouTube channels like Kabita Kitchen, Cook with Nisha and Goble for food and cooking.

How Does Amazon miniTV Work?

Before Amazon miniTV, Amazon launched imdb TV in the US 2 years ago. After this, he has now launched miniTV which is completely free. You can see this by going to Amzon Online Shopping App. You will find a lot of old content in miniTV because they have partnered with many YouTube channels. We told you above which big comedians MiniTV has given him partnership. For your information, let us know that he has partnered with Tarkin Tech for Tech Videos. 

Apart from this, beauty videos have been partnered with Sejal Kumar, Malvika Seetlani, Jovita George, Prerna Chhabra and Shiv Shakti. For your information, let us know that Amazon has launched this service in view of the success of Prime Video. Amazon Prime Video has more than 60 Million Active Users in India while Netflix has 40 Million Active Users in India.

Apart from this, for your information, let us know that the largest OTT Platform in India is MX Player, which has 180 Million Active Users, followed by Hotstar which has 120 Million Active Users. All these are competing with YouTube as there are 450 Million Active Users of YouTube in India.